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What do I need?

Evacuation Diagrams are a critical aspect of a facility’s emergency preparedness. The diagrams illustrate to building occupants and visitors the nominated route to assembly areas should the facility need to be evacuated. Evacuation Diagrams are a key component of an organisation’s Emergency Response Plan.

Australian Standard AS 3745-2010 details what information needs to be included in your facility’s evacuation diagrams. The minimum elements to be included in an Evacuation Diagram are listed in Australian Standard AS 3745-2010 Clause 3.5.5.

How can RivEvac help?

RivEvac can assist your organisation in the development of Evacuation Diagrams that comply with Australian Standards 3745. Our team is experienced in emergency preparedness and the application of AS 3745 in order to development of Evacuation Diagrams. So, let us ensure your Evacuation Diagrams are compliant and support your organisation’s emergency preparedness journey.

RivEvac offers an efficient service with a turnaround time, in most cases, of only a couple of days. Our pricing is more than competitive with a range of options to suit your organisation’s specific needs.

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Full Compliance

Get peace of mind with your emergency preparedness requirements. Our Evacuation Diagrams are fully compliant with Australian Standard AS 3745-2010.


Cost Effective

Our Evacuation Diagrams are an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure your business is on its way to meet its obligations if there is an emergency.


Efficient Service

We can update your existing plan or create a new plan within 24-48 hours after mark-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do emergency evacuation diagrams cost?

Our Evacuation Diagrams start from $80.00+GST. There are a few factors that influencing the price such as:

    • Availability of floor plans
    • The number of floors in the facility
    • The complexity of each floor
    • The number of diagrams required
    • Framed or unframed
    • Installation

    Can we keep costs down by installing the diagrams ourselves?

    Absolutely. Installing the Evacuation Diagram yourself is an easy way to lower your costs. We will work with you and your team to ensure all required information is available to allow the installation of each diagram to ensure compliance with Australian Standards.

    How often do my evacuation diagrams need to be updated?

    Your Evacuation Diagrams must be updated at least every 5 years. Should you make changes to floor plans, or the location of fire equipment or assembly areas, you will need to update your Evacuation Diagrams when those changes occur.

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